Stroba® Insert - Transform your Wide Mouth Mason Jar!


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Stroba®: A Better Straw for Your Boba (and any other beverage)!

✔️  Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
✔️  Helps reduce your carbon footprint
✔️ Reduce drink exposure to BPA
✔️  Less plastic waste


-Stroba® is a one-size fits all insert which transforms any 16oz, 28oz, 32oz Wide Mouth Mason Jar into convenient sealable, sip-able, straw/lid for on the go!

-Easily Sealable🔓

-Reusable ♻️

-Convenient, Stylish and Super Portable  🚶‍♂️

-Accepted Everywhere 🏪

-Drinks stay fresh for longer🙂

-Easy to clean + Dishwasher Safe. 🧼🧽

- Say NO to single-use plastic at checkout, and get your beverage or boba filled up in your Stroba®!

*Replaces the lid on any wide mouthed mason jar* 
Yes, it will fit! One size fits all!

What you get:

  • 1x Stroba® Insert (5 piece interlocking assembled set)
  • 1x Cappie™ - Keeps top of the straw clean
  • 1x Straw Cleaning Brush 
  • Stroba® Insert is shipped in an eco-friendly shipping cylinder made from repurposed material, compact packaging and is shipped free single-use plastic  packaging.


Description of Stroba™ Insert:

Stroba® Insert transforms any 16oz, 28oz, or 32oz wide mouth mason jar into a sealable, sip-able, straw/lid for boba and beverages on the go or at home. For a 16oz jar, simply remove the lower straw extender from the pin by sliding it off. For more detailed instructions, please see our Quickstart Guide or the above video for a more detailed insight into how Stroba® works.

*Note: *Stroba™ only comes in black at this time.

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