What exactly is the Stroba™?

The Stroba™ is a straw /lid interlocking, reusable, washable, and sealable insert that replaces the lid on any wide mouth mason jar and converts it into an awesome boba (bubble tea), smoothie or any old beverage into a sippy cup! Say NO to single use plastic waste and get your beverage or boba filled up in your Stroba™!

What size Jars will it fit on?

Stroba™ fits on any 16oz, 28oz and 32oz wide mouth (70 mm) mason jar. At this time Stroba™ doesn't fit on regular mouth mason jars

Is the seal waterproof?

The insert is water tight so it will not drip if you turn it on its side, or even upside down for short periods, however please make sure the outer ring is tightly secured. The Stroba™ seal is designed to allow users to shake the beverage without losing any of it in the closed position while shaking.

EXAMPLE: If you put it in a purse and drive back home from the tea house, as long as it is in the closed position and upright, it will be fine. It is not however, designed to be held upside down for long periods at a time. Doing this will will add unnecessary pressure buildup in the lids and the seal and could result in droplets escaping from the seal. *Always make sure it's in the "closed" position before handling the drink abruptly and unevenly.

Is Stroba™ Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, in fact, the unique shape of Stroba™ allows the you to fit the assembled pieces directly into the dishwasher without it falling through the cracks. Think of it like placing Tupperware in your dishwasher to be cleaned. Typical dishwashers run at 75C and traditional Polypropylene (planned material) has a deflection temperature of 138C at 455kPa pressure.

If you are worried about build up or don't have a dishwasher, every component on Stroba™ is removable and and can be easily washed. Because every piece breaks apart, it is much easier to clean. Since the straw portions breaks apart as well, it is much easier to clean the inside tube with the included straw cleaner, as the center area of traditional straws are otherwise hard to reach with a straw cleaner.

Does Stroba™ come with a Jar?

If you need a mason jar with your Stroba™, purchase Stroba™Deluxe! Stroba™ Deluxe comes with a trendy 28oz wide mouth sprial mason jar. If you already have a wide mouth mason jar, then you may purchase the Stroba™ Insert by itself and convert your jar into a boba cup! 

Can I use this for beverages other than Boba? 

Absolutely! You can use use Stroba™ for any beverage, including smoothies, teas, coffees, etc. We just designed the diameter of the straw to be larger to accommodate for the larger particles in boba or bubble tea. We designed Stroba™ for everyone to enjoy whatever beverage they want to enjoy, without needing that awful and separate single use plastic cup, lid and straw

You will notice that there is a cut on the bottom of the lower lids straw and lower extender. We used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to run simulations to optimize the airflow and allow more delicious boba particles per sip so that there is a better ratio of liquid and boba particles in your mouth than traditional boba straw. We tested our prototypes in comparison to the exit velocity from CFD and can confirm that you indeed get to enjoy more boba particles per sip than traditional bubble tea straws. The lower straw extends, so you can reach the bottom of the jar and easily enjoy the last of the bobas and jellies without hunting and pecking through a film with a tiny straw.

There are a few pieces; if I lose or break one, do I have to buy a whole new Stroba™?

Absolutely not! Here at Goodfriend Innovations™, we believe in your right to repair and hope that we can lead by example in this regard. We have an entire Right to Repair collection on our website, whereby if you lose or damage any of the components, you can simply purchase that replacement part (this includes O-rings and Silicone seals that come in a pack of 4). Every component is designed thick and durable to last a long time, however, since the product is so new, we do not have real long term data, only favorable results from fatigue stress analysis from our computer simulations. We do expect the O-rings to wear the quickest due to constant friction, but we designed Stroba™ to be long lasting and hopefully convenient enough that it is actually used as an alternative to single use plastics.

What color is the actual lid/insert?

You can get any color as long as it's black for now! Black is the only color we plan on releasing Stroba™ in for the first production run. We will run some surveys later on to find out which colors you, our wonderful supporters, would like your Stroba™ in, as we may plan on introducing popular colors later on.

How is Stroba™ Eco-Friendly?

Every time you get a coffee drink from the coffee house, or a boba or tea from a tea house, They give it to you in a disposable cup. When you're done drinking it.... the cup goes in the trash... That cup is referred to as a "Single Use Plastic". Stroba is NOT a single use plastic. Yes, it still has plastic in the design, however it's made from durable Polypropylene material that is re-usable meaning you buy it once and it lasts you a long time. This cuts down on throwing away plastic products unnecessarily.

We put years of thought into material considerations. Bamboo would not work because of molding. Since the straw is basically sitting in the beverage for a period of time, the bamboo is likely to develop mold.

We machined a metal prototype, to see what it would be like in stainless steel. It weighed about 11lbs, and since the cold beverages condensate, users would ultimately be weightlifting a slippery jar. The temperature became an issue as well, as the straw can get extremely hot or extremely cold depending on the beverage temperature. Another issue with the metal version is that the bearing started to rust and it became really hard to take apart to clean, and the design did not interlock. Tightening the outer ring was an additional issue, as there needs to be a minimum thickness in order to weld on the straw components and it became too thick to effectively tighten with the outer ring.

Ultimately, we decided upon Polypropylene, since it is a food-grade, reliable, common, long lasting, durable, interlocking (allows us to have snap fits), lightweight, and reusable material with a high heat deflection that still offers a much better replacement to single-use plastics. Just like there is reusable plastic on the lids of most common reusable water bottles are a more sustainable option to single use plastic water bottles, Stroba™ in your mason jar is a more sustainable solution to the single use plastic cup, lid and straw.

When will I get my order?

Available now! Stroba™ is no longer a pre-order item and is now available for shipping! 

Is this an online product only?

Yes at this time is only an online product but subject to change soon.